As the tri-state’s exclusive VP Builder, Empire Contractors is proud to announce that we now offer conventional steel building packages. Designers and owners alike will be able to enjoy the design flexibility of conventional steel paired with the efficiency and time savings you expect with a pre-engineered building.

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Speed up your Project

By having a single source for Steel design, estimating, detailing, and fabrication, you get a hard cost for the steel on your project earlier. This allows our customers to release steel earlier, and produces a quicker project!

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Cost Savings

-Receive a free firm estimate early in design development

-VP will use the most efficient mixture of pre-engineered and conventional steel to keep your project as cost effective as possible

-Order steel early to minimize risk of market fluctuation 

-All the steel engineered, detailed, and fabricated by a single source to avoid costly mistakes 

-All components-columns, beams, joists,deck, and specitaly items bought by VP, passing along the savings of their buying power to our customers

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Flexible Design

-Designers and owners can have fully detailed CADD/CAM/BIM files to integrate into their designs

-Projects can now include both pre-engineered and conventional buildings from a single source, allowing the focus to be on providing our customers the most efficient and effective design

-A wide variety of project types can now enjoy the lead times and cost savings that are synonymous with the Pre-Engineered market